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    Standards Check Training

    Standards Check Training

    All of the Standards Check training with ADIT is carried out in-car with your own trainer. This means you will have the undivided attention of your instructor, which ensures you are learning throughout your training.

    Standards Check Training

    About the Standards Check Test

    All driving instructors have at least one ADI Standards Check every 4 years. It is a test of the instructor's ability to teach pupils. The DVSA sends a letter to each ADI when it's time for their test.

    The test is based on the DVSA's national standard for driver and rider training published in 2011. The national standard sets out the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to deliver a programme of driver/rider training.

    The Standards Check takes place during an ADI's 'normal' lessons. That is, the examiner will sit in the back of the lesson vehicle and assess the instructor throughout a 1 hour lesson given to one if their pupils. However, the lesson will need to begin and end at a test centre, which is where the examiner will join the driving instructor and their pupil.

    Before the lesson the examiner will ask for some information about the pupil, such as their driving level and what they covered recently. The ADI will need to demonstrate that the requirements for the lesson have been discussed and agreed with by the pupil.

    The examiner will then ask the ADI to give a lesson as they normally would and will assess it on the following criteria:

    • Lesson planning
    • Risk management
    • Teaching and learning strategies

    Standards Check Test Grades

    The grade received for successful ADIs is either A or B. An instructor who receives a grade of 'A' will not have to take the check test as often as those that receive a grade of 'B'.

    The grading system translates as follows:

    • A grade (85% or over) - an overall high standard of instruction
    • B grade (60% or over) - a sufficient level of competence
    • Fail (less than 60%) - an unsatisfactory performance

    Please contact ADIT, Southall with your Standards Check Training enquiries

    Standards Check Training

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